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54 hours of great fun! Drinks and Eating included for the whole weekend.

Startupweekend Bozen is being organized for the first time ever and all action is happening during the Bolzano-Bozen Innovation Festival. The Event will be hold in english to allow Italian, German and Austrian participants to comunicate easily.

  • Where: University of Bolzano (thanks for sponsoring the location!)
  • When: Friday Evening to Sunday Evening (see schedule below)
  • What: Present you entrepreneurial idea, Meet interesting people and access to resources for your Project
  • Who: Experts, Entrepreneur Wannabies, Developers, Designers, University Students and all people with entrepreneurial Ideas
  • How much: Only 60€ for the whole weekend (thanks to sponsorships!) including meals and drinks! Get your Ticket here

Is this Event for me?

Startup Weekend attendees’ backgrounds are roughly 50% technical (developers, coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law). What unites all attendees is a common interest in entrepreneurship: whether a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, every attendee is interested in working with a like-minded, motivated and skilled team to develop a product or business in one weekend. If this sounds like you, this is the event for you!

For all other infos and qeustions please refer to the FAQ’s




Sep 27
  • Registration Starts (You will get lunch packages!)
  • Let's Start! Welcome
  • Motivational Talks from Christian Höller & Pekka Abrahamsson
  • Ideas Pitch! (60 seconds each!)
  • Vote for the top ideas
  • Ideas Selection and Teambuilding
  • Start Working!
  • Business Canvas Modeling Session!


Sep 28
  • Breakfast & coffee time!
  • Innovation Festival Talks with Alfredo Gatti and David Lehrer
  • Call for needs & skills (Coaches!)
  • Lunch
  • Coaches Presentation and Coffee Break
  • Dinner
  • Free to work


Sep 29
  • Simple breakfast & coffee
  • Coach presentation Round 2
  • Lunch
  • Deadline for handing in Presentation, arrival of Jury
  • Final Presentations (5mins + Q&A)
  • Feedback from Jury and Prices!
  • Goodbye SW Bozen and Party time!
Tier 1 Sponsors

Alfredo Gatti

Speaker - Director CIOnet   |   LinkedIn

Specialties:Advising to Private Equities and Venture Capitals

Founder and Managing Partner at Nextvalue - Managing Director at CIOnet Italia.

CIOnet is the leading international Business Network that empowers CIO’s & ICT Managers to network more efficiently and effectively for business.
NextValue: Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development, M&A support and advising on market structure and trends.

David Lehrer

Speaker - CEO of Conatix   |   LinkedIn

Founder of Conatix, an enterprise software startup helping companies do market and investment research better, faster and cheaper.

20 years experience in strategy consulting and business research. When he realized that the external research that companies do to find information about competitors, customers, markets and new technologies is typically high-skilled manual labor, with little or no IT in it, he stumbled on one of the major remaining unsolved and un-automated problems in business. At first seeking to improve his own work process in order to do better research for his clients, he set about building the technical team that transformed his small consulting firm into a software startup. Conatix is based in Berlin, London and Washington DC, and is a spin-off company of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Christian Höller

Speaker - TIS   |   LinkedIn

Manager Center of Entrepreneurship del TIS innovation park di Bolzano

Laurea in economia aziendale con specializzazione in marketing, lunga esperienza in qualità di direttore commerciale ed responsabile marketing in varie imprese e in diversi settori e mercati, tra cui i gruppi Zumtobel, Mercedes e Burda. Da più di 9 anni al TIS innovation park. Lui accompagna le imprese altoatesine verso il successo con l’ottimizzazione delle loro risorse e innovazioni. Höller è anche fondatore della rete d’eccellenza “Leaders”.

Tier 2 Sponsors

Giuseppe Folonari

Investment Manager at H-FARM Ventures   |   LinkedIn

Specialties: Business planning and business plan assessment, competitive analysis, business modelling, go-to-market strategy.

Jari Ognibeni

Co-founder Managing Partner at Industrio Ventures   |   LinkedIn

Here is my Specialties (What I do):
- Strategic support to create innovative products
- Finding, inspiring, and creating great startups
- Turning problems into businesses
- Business prototyping
- Early Stage Investment structuring
- Co-found startups

And my Industry expertise:
- Cleantech
- Electronic Hardware
- Mobile and web tech
- Social impact business

Emil Abirascid

Innovologist - journalist   |   LinkedIn

Journalist. Active collaboration with main Italian financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and IT magazines, as long as Web sites. I write both in Italian and English.
Other topics I cover besides high tech and finance, are: tourism, travel, boats' industry.

Specialties:Journalist with expertise on innovation high tech, economy and financial topics mostly

Andrea Colombo

Head of Business development   |   LinkedIn

Runs the international operations of, a global boutique advisory firm offering services targeted at facilitating the matching and cross-border investment amongst a select group of international investors.
U-Start accommodates international companies in need of funding or connections to scale their business in the countries where it operates in, and investors looking to expand their investment portfolios.

- Business development
- Lateral thinking
- Execution, Execution, Execution!

Christian Höller

TIS-Bozen Representative

Manager Center of Entrepreneurship del TIS innovation park di Bolzano.

Laurea in economia aziendale con specializzazione in marketing, lunga esperienza in qualità di direttore commerciale ed responsabile marketing in varie imprese e in diversi settori e mercati, tra cui i gruppi Zumtobel, Mercedes e Burda. Da più di 9 anni al TIS innovation park. Lui accompagna le imprese altoatesine verso il successo con l’ottimizzazione delle loro risorse e innovazioni. Höller è anche fondatore della rete d’eccellenza “Leaders”.

Matteo Panfilo

P101 Venture Fund

Born in Rome in '87, he joined the team of P101 as an analyst after holding the same role in Principia SGR and Boox for two year or so. He graduated cum laude in Economics at Luiss after having studied in depth, even with his Final Project, the themes of entrepreneurship and finance for innovation. He has done some research including Startup Numbers, published among others on Il Sole24Ore, and worked as a ghost writer in some reports. He previously worked at KPMG S.p.A. with international and listed companies. He has been passionate about startups and ICT for years and after a short period in Silicon Valley he joined Principia and then Boox where he worked on the deal flow, investment process (for a total of 15 millions of Euro), due diligence, monitoring of portfolio companies, business development support for portfolio companies and preparation of internal and external documents and reports.

Marco Nannini

CEO The Hub Milano   |   LinkedInGoogle+

CEO & Business Development Director The Hub Milano, President GS4C

Fondatore di RCG Advisor dopo una ventennale esperienza di Strategy e Management Consulting presso primarie società del settore (The Boston Consulting Group e Roland Berger Strategy Consultants) ha intrapreso la carriera di Business Angel e sta investendo in diverse realtà che abbiano interessi nella sostenibilità ambientale o nel sociale. Membro di IAG (più grande network di Business Angels italiano)

Boris Susanj


Engineer, co-founder and now CEO of ACAB srl, also co-founder of the Canalescuola Cooperative, founder of Sutra Amplification and designer of its products.
Co-founder and director of Abaco Calcolatori. Audio enthusiast/critic, videogames scholar

Massimiliano Lucarelli

Managing Director at Novinvest

He has been working as business development consultant in several industries ( high tech/ digital music/ energy/ energy savings) travelling a lot and also living abroad for several years in countries like Japan and USA.
He was member of the board of director of Roland and in the past five years ended up being managing director of the European distributing company of Aisin (Toyota group).
He now manages his own investment company focused in financing great ideas presented by solid teams.
He belongs to IAG ( Italian Angel for Growth) the largest business angels association in Italy.

Tier 3 Sponsors

Daniele Bisol

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with:
Databases and RAD-Developement

Deep experience as Project Manager and Application Developer for a wide variety of web applications. Currently focused on Business Mobile Apps, and RAD development on Html5 enviroment.

Fabio Valente

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with: Marketing&Commercial Strategies.

Boasting 20+ Years of Experience in internet marketing and developement Fabio is one of the leading Internet Sales-Masters in Italy. Amongst others he has been Head of Sales for Virgilio, one of the biggest internet portals in Italy, contributed to create the Leonardo Network (which also become one of the leading traffic portals in Italy). Fabio’s skills range from Sales to Business Planning and Developement, online commerce and he’s got one of the strongest connection networks in Italy.

Raimondo Bruschi

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can Help you with:

Vanta esperienza professionale nel settore Informatico dal 1981 fin alla quotazione in borsa nel 1996 per passare ad operare in rete come Hoster e Registratore di domini a livello nazionale, per tutti i brand di Servizi Internet Srl di Brescia di cui e' CEO .IT. E' Docente Universitario in "Culture Digitali".
Descrive una prospettiva pragmatica in un appunto, presupposto di un libro all'indirizzo che si qualifica come preziosa risorsa nell'opportunità di coniugare l'ecosistema delle StartUp e delle PMI, per la crescita ed occupazione in Italia.

Alessandro Santo

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can helo you with:
Strategies, Visionary, getting funded

Luca Fedrizzi


Can help you with:
Software Developement, Mobile Developement, Dashboards

Paul Köllensperger

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with:
Strategy, Online Travel&eCommerce, Budgeting

16 years of experience in the Internet Industry, in particular in the Online Travel sector. In-depth knowledge in a variety of areas, ranging from the creation of marketing & sales strategies for e-commerce and online booking projects to the business development of web, mobile and social media projects. Can count on a wide experience in strategic web consulting and in the creation of business plans & business models as well as VC funding and startups.

Frank Saviane

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with:
Organisational, Budgeting, Angel and VC connections

Frank is Founder & CEO of Fast Forward Advisors, management consulting boutique focused on innovation and internationalization. We work with Blue Chips, SMEs and Startups to accelerate the process of creating and deploying innovations in the global and especially the emerging markets

Alfiero Santarelli

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with:
Organisational, Marketing, Strategic Consultance

Business development manager of Practix srl, has worked in the ICT industry for 12 years covering technical and business roles

Lorenzo Cassulo

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with: Organizational, Budgeting, Strategies, Lean methodology

Lorenzo is Regional Manager at XPeppers, an agile software factory located in Trento and Milan. Lorenzo graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna and he holds a master degree in Multimedia Communication and Technology from the University of Turin.
He is in love with innovation and old-fashioned video games.

Francesca Brescia

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with:
Business model development, Intellectual Property Protection

With a background in Electronic Engineering, Ph.D. in Organizational Model of Knowledge Transfer, Francesca mainly operates in the field of technology transfer, supporting high tech start-up companies to get into the market.
She works for the University of Pavia at Polo Tecnologico Servizi, a company founded by the University of Pavia, the Municipality, the Province and the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia.

Angelika Lattner

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with: Sales / Strategy / Business Development / Going beyond borders mentally and geographically.

Angelika is an IT & Sales Consultant by trade and Change Manager by heart.
She has more than 20 years of professional experience in several positions and industries.
Strong personal connections throughout Italy since her childhood and having worked on Key Accounts in Sales with HP Italy built a strong bond across the Alps.
Angelika aims to connect talented and energetic Italians and Germans to create and foster unique business opportunities.

Pekka Abrahamsson

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with: Lean Startup, business Modeling, Rasperry Pi Hardware Projects

Working as a full professor of computer science in Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy. From my professorship in University of Helsinki, Finland.
Former Chief Scientits of SINTEF. Lean Startup fan.

Massimo Aliberti

Coach   |  

Can help you with: debugging your business model, hw development, funding strategies

PhD in microelectronics with long-time passion about applied R&D dealing with machine to machine interaction in the field of automation protocols for living spaces. Recently focused on all things green both in building and grid automation ("Smart (x)"). Involved in technology transfer projects since the early career stages, with stronger attention to the start-up world after some very fortunate opportunities in Italy and the US, and a specialized training at the Leavey School of Business in California. Helping entrepreneurs look at their tech-biz with cold eyes and take the required steering. Supporting public and private funds taking the best investment decisions in tech projects.

Alessandro Colombi

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Associate professor of instruction technologies at the Free University of Bozen, co-founder of ACAB Srl, consultant for Intel Corporation, co-founder of the Canalescuola Cooperative and Abaco Calcolatori. Hypertext and web marketing enthusiast, technologies scholar

Paolo Lombardi
Hannes Pardeller
Corrado Roccazzella
Kathleen Fritzsche
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